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Thirty four cm (13 3/8 inch) Imperial Symphonion Discs for sale

$500 for the lot
Box lot of 18 Symphonion music box discs. The discs, marked Imperial Symphonion, measure 34 cm (13 3/8 inches) in diameter. This is a fairly difficult disc to find, as are most Symphonion discs in sizes other than 10 5/8" and 11 7/8".

These discs have a universal drive, with provisions for a sprocket drive and also for a center spindle drive, indicating that they will work on two styles of Imperial Symphonions. (Despite the name, Imperial Symphonion was the American branch of the German Symphonion company.)

The discs have some corrosion and will require cleaning, but should be eminently playable once cleaned. I usually hit the undersides with a brass brush or wire wheel, and clean the tops with a solvent such as WD40 and some steel wool.

Symphonion employed a smaller projection than many others in the music box industry, so it's not unusual to see some worn or broken projections on Symphonion discs. I inspected these discs briefly and could find only one broken projection, again leading me to believe that the discs should be eminently playable.

List of titles:

? Two Step March by Rosey
Maryland My Maryland
When You Were Sweet Sixteen
The Man Behind the Gun March
?ale of a Bumble Bee from King Dido
Virginia Reel
Mikado Waltz
The Sousa Girl
Under the Double Eagle
Reuben Comes to Town
When the Harvest Days Are Over
Nearer My God to Thee
Home Sweet Home
Ain't That a Shame
On the Road to Mandalay
The Honeysuckle and the Bee
The Invicible Eagle March
Stars and Stripes March

Sold as a lot only.

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