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Edison Amberola 30 - restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Don't settle for an Edison phonograph that's sold as "working" or "as is" on a venue such as ebay. Look at our machines and see and hear the difference. This Amberola 30 works as nice as it did when it left the Edison factory, because it has been completely and lovingly restored.

Our idea of restoration is somewhat different than many sellers on the web. Our concept of restoration does not mean an amateurish refinishing of the case. Our idea of restoration is to take everything apart, clean, inspect, replace questionable components, lubricate, re-adjust and put everything back together.

We even go so far as to remove, clean and re-grease the mainspring. This is a big and time consuming job, but important for smooth running, because the old grease in the mainspring dries up and causes the spring to stick to itself.

The case on this machine has also been beautifully refinished, and new veneer applied to the two sides. Around 95% of Amberolas like this are found with peeling veneer, as the factory veneer work on post 1914 machines like this did not hold up well over 100 years. Unlike most people, we do not use the thin contact paper type of veneer -- we apply special order thick veneer for antiques.

This machine is now running smoothly and properly, and the sound from the original reproducer is very strong. The grille, often missing, is a replacement wood-grained to match.

The Amberola 30 (thirty referred to its original price in dollars) is not rare, but is an excellent medium for playing the blue Amberol four minute records.

Our machine may cost a few dollars more than a pig-in-a-poke on ebay, but in the end will be much cheaper than repairing an ebay machine and will give you far greater satisfaction.

Blue Amberol cylinders are plentiful and available. We'll include six in nice condition to get you started.

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