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Thirteen and five eights (13 5/8) inch Symphonion discs - unusual sprocket drive for sale

$40 each
A large lot of metal disc records for the Symphonion music box. These records are marked Imperial Symphonion, which was the American branch of the German company.

The discs are 13.5 inches in diameter, and appear to be capable of a universal drive, that is, they have perforations on the rim, but they also have a square hole toward the center of the disc to allow them to be driven by a center spindle. If they were to be driven by a center spindle I would estimate them to be the equivalent of a 13 /14" disc. These discs appear have the opposite drive arrangement of a normal disc, in that the projections representing the sprocket are built into the disc, and that the rim of the disc alternates holes and bump-type projections.

Symphonion more than any other manufacturer made many odd size discs, and most Symphonion records are quite hard to find, with the exception of the 10 5/8 and 11 7/8 inch sizes. These records are not the standard, more frequently found 13 5/8 inch discs, although I do not know whether they will play on the 13 5/8 inch machine. .

All the discs are in good, playable condition, with very decent projections and in a few cases mild corrosion which will clean, but in most cases the discs are 90 per cent clean and shiny to begin with. Any prominent defects have been noted in the description of the original titles below. As mentioned earlier, Symphonion discs are very hard to come by compared to Regina, Polyphon, Stella and many other brands. This is one of the weirdest Symphonion discs I have ever encountered, and certainly one of rarest. If you own an Imperial Symphonion which takes these records you might consider jumping at the entire lot -- it could be years and years before any surface again. $40 each.

List of discs:

An Innocent Young Maid (mild bend should straighten fine)
Annie Laurie Song
At a Georgia Camp Meeting Cake Walk
Becky Sharp Waltzes by M.Z.Hanau
Belle of the Cakewalk
Bird in a Gilded Case (mod.corosion on a few bass notes, will clean)
Carmen Polka - Bizet
Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo
Chin Chin Chinaman from the Geisha
Daisy Bell
Day by Day Song - Stanford
Doc Brown's Cakewalk
Don't Be Cross Song from Master Miner
Fan Tan Chinese March Polka
Fond Love, True Love Waltz Song
Honeymoon March by G.Rosey
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls
Kissing Duet from the Geisha (some slight creases, could be straightened)
La Czarina Russian Mazurka
Last Rose of Summer from Martha
Lullaby from Erminbie by Jacobowsky
Man Behind the Gun March by Sousa
March from the Ameer Comic Opera by Victor Herbert
My Angeline from Wizard of the Nile
No One in the World Like You
Over the Waves Waltz
Rough Riders Two Step and March
Star of My Soul
The Ratcharmer German Song
The Silver Fishes Mazurka
The Sousa Girl March Song by B.M.Jerome

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