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15.5 inch Regina music box - console for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This type of bow front console Regina, technically known as a Style 40, was sold in limited quantities from 1902-1915. The double doors, hinged together, open to reveal additional record storage.

The machine depicted here is an exceptionally nice example, with beautiful original golden oak finish.

The combs have been pulled and cleaned, and the star wheel gantry and damper assemblies have also been cleaned. The combs are in excellent condition with no broken teeth, good leads, and no damper squeak.

Additionally I have installed a new jewel in the governor assembly, and a brand new mainspring, in order to give you trouble free, reliable performance as well as excellent sound.

(After we received and inspected this machine, I noticed that someone had brazed a crack in the spring barrel, and had re-hooked the mainspring. Although the repair possibly would hold, I replaced the spring barrel, as well as the spring. This sort of thing isn't evident until you start taking things apart, and represents the difference between the machines we offer and a pig-in-a-poke offered on a venue such as ebay. There was a thousand dollars worth of repair performed on this motor, but I refuse to knowingly sell you a bad machine.)

There is some separation on the sides of the cabinet, somewhat more prominent than may be evident in the photographs; this is due to natural age shrinking of the solid oak boards.

Fifteen and a half inch Regina discs are the easiest of music box discs to obtain, and recuts of some titles are available. Nonetheless we'll include 20 discs in excellent condition with this Style 40 to augment your musical enjoyment.

A great cabinet, particularly if you're into the look of original finish golden oak.

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