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Style 240 Reginaphone with lion heads
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Regina Reginaphone Music Box - Style 240 Lion Heads - Top for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This is the top portion of a mahogany Style 240 Reginaphone. The Reginaphone was a combination phonograph and music box. The Style 240 was an ornate, upright version of this Regina music box, decorated with lion heads and sold in limited quantities, this example being only serial number 299.

Depending on how you want to look at this machine it can be either a project, or a complete, working excellent sounding table top Regina music box.

This Reginaphone employed Regina's short bedplate, double comb design. Short bedplate machines are considered the acoustical apex of Regina's technology, typically ring out with exceptional brilliance, and are highly desired by collectors.

There was originally a base or bottom portion to this cabinet to make it into a console machine. The top halves were never securely glued to the base and are easy to separate. Over the course of time the base to this machine was lost. I have seen other Style 240 Reginaphones appear in this condition.

The motor and start-stop mechanism on this machine are working properly. I have pulled the combs and gently cleaned them. There is some no-harm corrosion on the base of the combs, and a small amount of corrosion on a very few of the teeth which has been cleaned (see images). The leads are in excellent condition. I also cleaned the damper and star wheel assembly, adjusted some of the dampers, and freed up one star wheel, so that the upperworks is turning smoothly.

Someone did some creative work with the cabinet. The lid decal board was flipped to the outside top of the cabinet, and the picture frame molding removed. Most of the veneer was removed and the wood looks as if it was coated with a dark varnish. There appears to be some wood filler in the vicinity of the lid hinges. You can get a good look at this by viewing the images at full resolution.

The tone arm is present. I do not have the turntable.

If you're handy maybe you can fix up the cabinet a little, or maybe you will want to leave it as is, admire the funky antique appearance, and still enjoy the great short bedplate sound.

In any event, you can still save big. This machine in good complete condition would bring $9000-$12,000.

Price includes 10 discs. Don't forget to listen to the mp3.

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