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Fifteen and half inch Regina music box - Style 11 for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

If you have landed on this page looking for a Regina music box, you have probably by now ascertained that every Regina you have found offered for sale is in "excellent" condition. At least, that's been my experience in over 40 years of dealing with music boxes, even if the boxes I've been offered were piles of rust, or required thousands of dollars of restoration.

Nonetheless, this mahogany Regina, technically referred to as a Style 11 in Regina catalogues, truly is in excellent condition, and I am going to try to tell you why.

First of all, the case has beautiful original finish, as you can see in the pictures. Although cases can be refinished, it's always a joy to receive a machine with the cabinetry in this handsome of a condition.

But truth be told, the condition of the combs and mechanical workings of a music box counts much, much more than the condition of the case. And it's here that this Style 11 excels. It's a double comb machine, meaning that the two combs were tuned slightly off from each other to give a rich, deep ethereal sounds. There are no broken teeth. The dampers, which would express themselves as a squeak if they were misadjusted -- and often are -- are in excellent condition and do not require regulation. The motor is running smoothly and starts and stops as it's supposed to.

This is a one family machine that we received directly from a home in the midwest, and it was well loved and taken care of. Compare it to any other machine on the web and you'll discover the difference.

And as a bonus, to make your experience with this Regina even more enjoyable, we are going to include 30 original 15.5" Regina discs in the price!

Hurry, it's lasted 100 years, but may not wait for you much longer.

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