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Edison Model C Standard - Restored for sale

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This scarce version of the Edison Standard Phonograph was introduced in 1908, and mostly sold for a short while only in the state of New York.

Don't confuse the Model C Standard with the Model C reproducer. The Model C reproducer was a two minute reproducer used on many Edison models. If the fishtail of your reproducer reads Model C it means you have a Model C reproducer, not the Model C version of some famous Edison model.

The true Model C Standard is a two minute machine distinguished by its lack of an end gate and use of a mandrel bearing to support the mandrel shaft. These features would be adopted by later Edison models.

This machine has been restored, and you should note that our idea of restoration is somewhat more involved than an amateur refinishing and slapping on of a new decal as done by dealers on a venue such as ebay.

Our idea of restoration involves totally taking the machine apart, cleaning, lubricating, inspecting and re-assembling.

I have found that it's really important to do this not only because of wear and tear, but because you often discover inadequate repairs done to the machine over the last hundred years.

This means, among other things that we

*Remove, clean and re-grease the mainspring. This is a big job but important as the old grease dries up and sticks to itself, and the spring doesn't let down properly.
*Clean and polish the governor shaft and inspect the governor weights, necessary for smooth running.
*Clean, adjust and lubricate all the gearing, including the upperworks.
*Free up the tensioner and re-belt the motor. I haven't found any belting as supple as the original, so I custom cut my own out of pigskin.
*In addition on this machine I have rebuilt the reproducer. The gasketing in the reproducer corrodes over the years, and causes the record to sound brittle and tinny. As part of the rebuild I typically clean the diaphragm, inspect the stylus, and re-adjust the drop.

On this machine I discovered that wear on the half nut would not allow the machine to play through an entire record, so I replaced the half nut. If you had purchased this machine from an ebay seller I can almost assure you that he would have asserted that the machine was still working -- it was, to some extent.

This Model C Standard has very decent original finish and decal. There is some typical minor weathering and distress on the lid. One lid side panel has been re-glued a long time ago (they often come undone). The pinstriping on the bedplate is exceptionally nice.

The machine is playing as smooth as can be and sounds great.

Price includes 14" replica horn and 5 very nice two minute records.

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