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Standard Talking Machine Model L
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Standard Talking Machine, Model L for sale


The Standard Talking Machine Company of Chicago sold its products through promotions with local merchants. With each purchase the customer received coupons redeemable toward a "free" talking machine.

The Standard machines employed regular Columbia motors and components, but the spindle was modified to accommodate a record with a center hole slightly larger than 1/2 inch, rather than a regular 78rpm record. This locked the customer into the purchase of proprietary records for his free talking machines.

The promotion was surprisingly successful, and both the machines and the discs are relatively available.

The most commonly seen Standard machines are the Style X and Style A. This example, the Model L, is comparatively rare and infrequently seen.

This is a clean example with very nice original golden oak finish.The red horn is the right horn for this model. I have rebuilt the reproducer with a new needle chuck, and have re-greased the mainspring. The machine is working properly and sounds good. (The speed control is typically temperamental if you put too much pressure on it, but controls the speed properly.)

There is a little washout of the gold lettering (see images). When we received this machine the lid latch was stuck; I left the components in place but reversed it so it won't do this again. The lid hinge screws mount through only a tiny sliver of wood and so had started too pull up the wood on one hinge; I reinforced and repaired this with epoxy. The repair is not visible.

I don't have any of the Standard records to give with this machine, although they are not hard to find, but I have drilled out some regular 78s to play on the machine.

I don't have an exact date for this model, but it is almost certainly from 1906 or slightly later.

This machine is a good choice if you want something old, funky, working and original to decorate your home. If you are going to be playing a lot of 78rpm records it is not a good choice -- I would suggest you look at one of the outside horn disc Columbias or Victors on the website.

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