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Standard Talking Machine Model A
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Standard Talking Machine Model A ca 1909 for sale

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The introduction of this machine, which dates to around 1909, marked an era when the talking machine became widespread and affordable to all homes.

Known in the trade as a "scheme" machine, the Standard Model A was distributed to local merchants, who issued coupons in different denominations good toward a "free" talking machine with each purchase.

The Standard Model A, and earlier Standard Model X, employed regular Columbia components in the motor and tone arm assemblies, although the Columbia origin was not publicized. This means that parts are still readily available.

There was of course a catch, and the catch was this: the Standard machines were fitted with an oversize center spindle hole, and unless modified could play only the special Standard records available from the local merchant.

This very clean example has original oak finish and original colorful red decal.

The horn, which is the proper horn, has been repainted; the paint on these almost always flakes. Red with gold striping were the original colors.

The motor is not only working smoothly and properly, but when I pulled the motor to examine it I discovered that appeared almost untouched, never played, in original pristine condition. I oiled the motor and re-greased the mainspring, as this is always a good idea after sitting for over 100 years.

I also disassembled the reproducer and replaced the old dried out gaskets in it.

But the really nice thing about this Standard Model A is that someone, years ago, had modified the turntable to accept regular 78rpm records. You aren't limited to the special Standard records with this machine -- you can play anything.

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