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Swiss cylinder music box with bells
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Swiss music box with bells for sale

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Swiss music box with 3 bells playing 8 tunes off a 6 inch cylinder. The case, which measures approximately 16 inches long by 9 inches deep by 7 inches high, has an inlaid lid and the wood graining is in good condition.

The mechanism plays nicely with no annoying damper squeak or buzz. The comb is in good condition, no broken teeth. The machine plays properly through all the tunes. It's always a happy day to find a Swiss box like this in good condition -- even a modest repair could exceed the purchase price of a box of this type.

Judging from the style of the case and the titles of the tunes, I would guess that the date of manufacture was in the mid to late 1880s.

The original tune sheet has been preserved and at some point was taped to the lid. It looks as if there was a repair a long time ago where the lid hinges screw into the lid. The lid is holding securely, but as a result of this ancient repair the lid when open drops down farther than original.

List of tunes:

La mascotte choeur
La Vague waltz
La Piricole
La fille du regiment
Le carnaval de venise
Dona Juanita valse
Les cloches de Corneville
Le grand mogol

You can hear this nice little box play 2 of the tunes by clicking on the audio link, or you can see it play through all 8 tunes on the youtube video embedded below.

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