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Victor VI matching cabinet for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
Here's one of the rarest of phonograph accessories, a matching mahogany cabinet for the Victor VI, matching down to the gold plated Corinthian columns. And what's more unusual and better yet is that this cabinet isn't the usually seen Cabinet That Matches -- this is a double wide, double doored matching cabinet. It's approximately 36 inches wide, with an independent door and record storage compartment on each end. You could, if you wanted, sit not one but two Victor Sixes back to back on top of it! The manufacturer of this incredible piece is not known, but what is known is the great scarcity of this cabinet -- there are to the best of my knowledge only three other surviving examples.

This cabinet has a few spots with weathering, and some minor nicks, but is overall in good condition. You could refinish it if you like, but there's certainly more than enough of the original finish to satisfy any collector. The cabinet originally had cabriolet legs; they were small and simple and would be easy to reconstruct. It is sitting quite sturdily the way it is with the legs cut down around two inches.

This matching cabinet is far, far rarer than the model it was sold to mate up to, and makes the perfect, most elegant complement to your Victor VI.

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