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Excellent 15.5 inch short bedplate Regina music box for sale

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These late short bedplate machines are considered the ultimate development of the Regina music box. Relatively few were manufactured.

After 1905 most of the music box companies began to go out of business, but Regina was still shipping out machines into the First World War. In this time frame Regina instituted a technological advance known as the short bedplate. The bedplate extended across only half the case, and was supported by a second sounding board, in addition to the traditional spruce sounding board at the bottom of the case.

The result of all this was an exceptionally loud, brilliant and resonant tone. The short bedplate Regina (along with the 18" Mira) is generally considered by music box connoisseurs to be the finest disc music box ever made, and as such always commands a premium.

This example is in very nice mechanical condition and has the typical knock-your-socks-off sound. There are no broken teeth. The dampers are in excellent condition, indicating to me that the machine took very little wear. The leads show no oxidation. The combs have been gently cleaned.

The motor is running properly and smoothly. I cleaned the governor assembly a bit, and installed a new ruby in it to be on the safe side.

The case has been nicely refinished to a deep, dark mahogany. Some very minor distressing was taken out of the case prior to refinishing, and the case was fitted with a new lid picture.

Price includes 10 clean, very nice original discs. This is the easiest of the antique music boxes to obtain discs for, and recuts have been available for years.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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