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Regina music box - 15.5 inch - short bedplate mahogany for sale

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The short bedplate machine, introduced around 1910, was the ultimate development of the Regina music box. Rather than extending the bedplate across the width of the machine, the size of the bedplate was cut down and the bedplate was supported on a secondary sounding board. This arrangement gave a remarkable resonance and tonal quality to these machines, and makes the short bedplate machine highly desired by collectors.Short bedplate machines are relatively scarce and always command a premium.

This example is sitting in a pretty mahogany serpentine case, which is the type of case usually associated with short bedplate machines. The case has been nicely refinished to a deep, rich mahogany.

There are no broken teeth, and the motor is playing smoothly and properly. There was the slightest bit of oxidation on the leads of this machine when we received it, so I pulled and cleaned the combs and misted lacquer over the underside as a precaution.

The 15.5 inch Regina is the easiest of all music boxes to secure records for. Thousands of titles were cut, many discs survived, and recuts are available. Price includes 10 very nice clean original discs. Don't forget to listen to the mp3.

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