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Fifteen and a half inch Regina music box -- Rookwood for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
This exquisite machine represents Regina's ultimate accomplishment in the art of the music box. It's a double comb, 15.5 inch short bedplate machine housed in a beautiful Rookwood cabinet. Here's why it's special:

1. Double comb. Combs are set up singly, or in pairs tuned to each other. Single combs can sometimes sound tinny. Double combs, in factory condition, put out a rich, deep, ethereal sound.

2. Short bedplate. Only the very last of the Regina music boxes employed this arrangement. The bedplate extends only half way across the width of the case, and is bridged to an additional sounding board underneath it. This discovery enhanced the sound to a remarkable degree, so much so that short bedplate machines are highly esteemed by collectors and always sell at a premium. In other words, it gives you more of the sound that you love.

3. Rookwood cabinet. Rookwood was Regina's term for an artist hand-painted cabinet. This isn't decal work or inlay like you see on other brands, and this wasn't an aftermarket modification made to the case. The Rookwood cabinet appeared as an option in the Regina catalogue. Very few were sold, undoubtedly due to the additional cost of labor.

The Rookwood Regina we are privileged to offer here is as nice an example as most collectors have ever seen. The combs (no broken teeth, of course) sound excellent, and the dampers are in adjustment. If you don't understand what the dampers do, and why they are important to the purchase of a music box, please consult our introductory tutorial. The combs ring out with stunning clarity.

The motor takes off properly, runs smoothly, and stops at the end of the tune as it is supposed to.

The condition of the cabinet is also exceptional. Many times these console cabinets are found with weathered paint, or some enterprising dealer has had them repainted by a local artist. Not so here. This example has exceptionally nice vibrant original paint. It has some very minor nicks or scratches as you would expect with normal aging, but no gouging or wood damage. The only defects I would note for the record would be some typical age separation on the top of the lid (illustrated), and a small almost unnoticeable chip on the underside of the lid. Having noted the above, I would emphasize that this is as nice a Rookwood cabinet as I have ever seen.

Disc storage is provided by opening the two doors at the bottom of the cabinet. I will include ten very nice original Regina discs with this machine. If you want more, I have some additional discs in excellent condition for sale as of this writing. Fifteen and half inch discs are the most commonly found size of Regina disc. Also recuts, including new titles, are available.

Check out the pictures, but exercise caution. You just might fall in love.

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