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15.5 inch Regina Reginaphone music box short bedplate for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The short bedplate machine was the last advance in the history of the Regina music box, and is considered the most superb, finest sounding music box that Regina ever manufactured. The bedplate extended across only half the case, and incorporated a sort of dual sounding board, which gave an unbelievable richness to the tone. Because these machines arrived very late in the years of music box manufacture, and at a time when fewer and fewer music boxes were being sold, they are quite scarce and when offered for sale always command a premium.

The Reginaphone was a combination phonograph/music box, a response to decreasing music box sales and skyrocketing talking machine sales. Some extra gearing was placed in the motor to accommodate a drive for a turntable, and provision was made for a horn and tone arm. In almost all cases these machines are found with the phonograph parts removed, as is the case here.

Short bedplate machines are most often associated with modernistic serpentine cases, such as the original finish oak case here.

This double comb short bedplate Regina is playing as beautifully as its reputation suggests, putting out a rich, deep ethereal sound. The combs and leads are very clean. I had pulled the combs to clean out the star wheel gantry, and to adjust a couple of dampers. The motor is running smoothly and the start-stop is working properly. The only minor thing I would note is some gouging on the decal, where the pressure bar would have hit as the lid was closed. (Replace it with a lid picture if you prefer).

Fifteen and a half Regina discs are readily available, either as original discs or recuts. We include a dozen original discs in exceptionally clean condition with this machine.

Place this on a heavy table in your home and back it up against a wall and you won't believe how spectacular it sounds.

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