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15.5 inch Regina Reginaphone music box - complete for sale

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This superb Reginaphone in a mahogany case represents the apex of development of the Regina music box. Simply put, it has always been considered the best sounding music box ever made.

The short bedplate design is found on only a few late Regina boxes. Unlike earlier machines, in which the bedplate extended the entire width of the case, short bedplates extended around half the width of the case and allowed Regina to employ a sort of double sounding board that profoundly resonated in a manner previously unheard. Short bedplate machines are rare and desirable, and as such have always commanded a premium.

The Reginaphone was a combination phonograph and music box, a response to increasing competition from the phonograph industry. Although the music box was always considered the equivalent of a fine musical instrument, it could not compete with the phonograph's ability to reproduce the human voice. Machines like this which date to very late in the history of the music box are very scarce.

Even more unusual is the fact that this Reginaphone has all its original phonograph parts, which are almost always found missing, or else replaced with makeshift repairs. The Columbia derivative tone arm and reproducer are original and proper, and the turntable which was elevated to clear the musical combs is also right and original.

The gorgeous wooden mahogany horn is very desirable in and of itself. Astonishingly, there are no age related splits or cracks in it, as are almost always found.

This Reginaphone is booming out with exquisite sound, as you can hear in the mp3 file. (The slight rumbling in the background is caused by my inability to hold a cell phone steady enough for recording.) There's also an audio file of the phonograph portion playing.

The combs are in very nice condition, clean, no rust, excellent leads, no broken teeth. I have also gone through the mechanism, removed and cleaned the combs, cleaned out the star wheels and dampers, and even installed a brand new mainspring to help the machine play strong. I also rebuilt the phonograph reproducer; it will play your 78rpm records as nice as can be!

The pretty serpentine case retains original finish, which is always desirable. There were a few light scratches on the lid which were polished out; there are no dents or other defects in the cabinet.

Price includes a dozen records in very nice condition. Old 15.5 inch Regina discs are still relatively plentiful, and have also been reproduced.

As good as it gets in a Regina music box.

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