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Reginaphone Style 246
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Console Reginaphone Style 246 for sale


One of the last of the Regina music boxes, this console machine was designated as a Style 246. Dating to 1915-1920 it's quite rare; less than 200 were made.At this time, music boxes had gone out of fashion in favor of phonographs, and so this machine, which played both metal and 78rpm records, would have been sold with an eye toward both segments of the market.

The mahogany case with its functional design was modernistic and forward looking in its time, pointing to the 1920s rather than the embellished tastes of the 1890s.

The combs, dampers and leads are in excellent condition. The short bedplate, a late and desirable change in construction, yielded the best sound ever out of a Regina music box. As you would suspect, the machine sounds quite impressive, as you can hear in the mp3.

This Reginaphone comes complete with a tone arm and turntable in case you want to play 78rpm records, although its greatest charm is the beautiful sound from the musical combs.

You can learn more about the machine, and hear more discs, on the youtube video.

Price includes a dozen nice orignal metal records.

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