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Reginaphone music box Style 113
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Reginaphone Style 113 for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Condition means everything in a music box. And although the condition of the case is important for the esthetics of the box, the condition of the musical movement is far more important. For while a case may be refinished by any competent woodworker, there are only a handful of people who perform music box restoration, and their services can easily cost thousands of dollars. A music box on a venue such as ebay may seem to be a bargain, but re-tuning a comb, regulating the dampers, re-leading the bass teeth and other parts of restoration necessary to return a machine to a pleasurable musical experience may far exceed the price you pay for the ebay machine.

This Reginaphone Regina music box is in superlative condition. It was once owned by a well-known collector/restorer in the Midwest, and occupied a place of honor near the entrance to his house. It is a very desirable double comb machine. (The combs were tuned slightly off from each other to yield a deep, rich, ethereal sound.) I guarantee that you will not find a machine that sings out better.

The Reginaphone was a combination phonograph/music box. This is an extremely early example from around 1904, the first of the Reginaphones. The motor with both sprocket drive for the metal records and spindle to accommodate a phonograph turntable is working properly. The speed control is working properly. The phonograph hardware, ie turntable, arms and reproducer are long since departed.

This is not unusual, particularly on this style Reginaphone which took front mount parts. As best as I can tell, this machine was sold as a Style 113 and is fairly scarce; I have seen very few of them, and in 50 years of collecting I have never seen one with the original phonograph parts. I have seen pictures of the parts, but I have never seen one with the right parts. So enjoy this as a music box and for its qualities as a fine musical instrument, which is the reason anyone today should consider purchasing this box.

The case has stunning original mahogany finish and really shows off the beauty of the grain.

Listen and judge for yourself. Click on the link to the mp3 file to hear one disc, or watch the youtube video below to hear it playing a different record.

This Reginaphone comes with a certificate of origin issued by the Musical Box Society International showing the date it left the Regina factory.

Fifteen and a half Regina discs are the easiest kind of metal record to come by. We're including 10 nice discs to get you going.

Listen and love.

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