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Fifteen and a half inch Regina music box, double comb for sale

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This Style 11 was the most popular of Regina models, selling for around $75 in 1902. A number of different case designs were designated as Style 11; this particular design with the fancy carved molding and substantial look was (and remains) one of the most popular of 15.5 inch Regina machines.

This is quite a nice example of a Style 11, housed in a nice original finish mahogany case. The case is far, far better than most surviving examples; the rich mahogany finish retains excellent factory gloss and has only the slightest hint of old scratches. The lid picture may be a reproduction, it's hard to tell because of the excellent original condition of the rest of the machine.

The leads and dampers on the combs are in very good condition, the dampers showing almost no signs of wear. I have cleaned out the gantry and upperworks somewhat. The motor is running smoothly, will play through several records, and takes off properly.

This is a double comb machine. I don't recommend single comb Reginas, as they often sound tinny in comparison to the deep ethereal sound of a double comb arrangement. There is one tooth broken on the upper comb, which is of course not audibly noticeable on a duplex comb because the note is still being struck.

Modestly priced, and includes ten very nice original discs. Fifteen and a half inch discs survived in good quantity and so are readily available, and recuts are also available.

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