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Regina music box with base cabinet and 60 discs for sale


This 15.5" double comb Regina music box, probably originally sold around 1905 as a Style 11, is in exceptionally fine original condition.

The combs are nice and clean, no rust, corrosion or broken teeth. The bass leads show no oxidation. The dampers are in excellent condition, no damper squeak or buzz.

The motor is running smoothly and the machine takes off and stops as it should.

It is sitting in an original finish mahogany case, also very clean save for a few very small age-related dings on the front panel.

This Regina comes with an original base cabinet, very close in color and finish to the machine.

Base cabinets are very hard to find. A good base cabinet not only provides storage for records, but also provides a hard, resonating foundation that allows your music box to really ring out. Perhaps only one machine out of a hundred was sold with a base cabinet.

This base cabinet has the very desirable double doors and raised top. It is quite heavy and substantial, unlike many others I have seen.

Even better, we are including 60 original 15.5" Regina discs to help you fill the base cabinet and to start you off with a lifetime worth of music!

Why settle for a pig-in-a-poke on a venue such as ebay? Restoration costs can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Base cabinets are nearly impossible to find (we have a small waiting list, but I want to keep this one with its machine and will not sell it separately). And you will be receiving all the records you may ever need.

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We buy, sell, and repair antique phonographs and music boxes.

Pick-up and delivery possible in many parts of the midwest,south, and northeast.

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