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Regina music box, short bedplate
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Short bedplate Regina music box - oak for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The short bedplate Regina music box is generally accepted to be the ultimate development and best sounding of Regina music boxes.

The bedplate stretched across only half the width of the case, and was fastened to a secondary upper sounding board.

The double comb arrangement, in which each comb was tuned slighted off from the other, yielded a deep, rich, ethereal sound.

Here's a fine example of a 15.5" Regina in a nicely refinished serpentine oak case. The sounding board has been replaced with one from old, original sounding board wood. The lid picture and picture frame molding, often missing, have also been replaced.

The combs, leads and dampers are in good condition. One bent tooth was professionally replaced so that the star wheels would hit properly.The motor is working properly, and the machine run smoothly and starts and stops as it should, unlike many on the market with problematic governor assemblies.

This is just about the easiest machine to get records for. Old discs are readily available, as are recuts. Price includes 10 discs in excellent condition.

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