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18 inch Mira music box for sale


It isn't often that we enjoy the privilege of offering an instrument once owned by European royalty, but such is the case with this special, spectacular 18" Mira music box.

The impressive and unusual walnut case would yield a clue that there was something out of the ordinary about this machine, but our interest was piqued when we received a little provenance with the machine -- its original owner was Princess Amelie of Orleans (1865-1951), the last queen of Portugal. The case, hitherto unseen in a Mira to the best of my knowledge, is marked only with the name of the distributor rather than a Mira decal, leading to the conclusion that it was probably a special order.

In the opinion of many collectors, including myself, the Mira was the finest disc music box ever manufactured. It is noted for its deep resonant bass and brilliant tonal quality.The 18" Mira was the largest Mira available.

The large, substantial case, approximately 33" wide by 25" deep, is in very good condition and retains very nice original finish. The motor is working smoothly and properly, and I have adjusted the height of the idler wheels and the start-stop mechanism. There is some mild corrosion on the comb, primarily at the base of the comb where it is harmless. The machine plays properly and brilliantly, as you can hear in the mp3 file.

Price includes 10 original discs. The Mira of Miras.

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