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Peter Pan gramophone
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Peter Pan Gramophone for sale

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One of a multitude of Cameraphone variety machines of the early 1920s, this Peter Pan Gramophone boasted that it was British made, albeit with a Swiss motor.

The entire mechanism folds into a case approximate 5 1/2" by 5 inches by 7 inches. The internal horn is spring loaded, and pops forward when the front panel is released. The three wings of the turntable fold together in tripod type storage.

This Peter Pan is complete and working. The black leatherette case is in better condition than most. I have taken apart the reproducer and replaced the brittle old gaskets with new soft material.

I got the motor to play through a ten inch record, although this machine is certainly not the best way to listen to your 78s. As a cute little novelty, however, it's hard to beat.

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