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Pathe Concert No. 20
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Pathe Concert Number 20 for sale


I have never seen this amazing machine before, and I have been unable to find any specific documentation about it. The plate on the crank side is marked Pathe Concert No 20.

Pathe Concert machines were designed to play the special 20 inch Pathe records, rotating at 120 rpm. The purpose of this was to be loud; it was well established that increased surface speed resulted in increased volume.

The special records are quite scarce, and the special machines are equally rare. Although Pathe at one point after 1914 was the fourth largest seller of Victrola type machines in the United States, outside horn machines do not appear in United States catalogues. This machine was undoubtedly brought over from Europe at some unknown date.

This machine is large, large, large. An analogy might be a normal outside horn Pathe machine, pumped up on steroids. Case dimensions are approximate 17" by 17" by 10". The case is graced with a beautiful walnut cabinet, with fancy inlay.

The horn is around 30" tall with a 27" bell. The goose neck design is quite unusual and advanced, a little reminiscent of the horn on Edison's Opera. The horn shows marking of German origin, and though I do not believe that this horn was original to this machine, I believe that it was always mated to this machine. If you understand that the purpose of the Concert machine was maximum volume, then you will understand why: this horn will really blast out.

The elbow of the horn shows evidence of some old repairs, and then more old repairs. We re-soldered it when we received it, and it is holding.

I don't have any Pathe vertical records to demonstrate on this machine, but the spring takes tension and the motor is working. The stop/start mechanism will need adjustment. The reproducer is original. The speed control goes from 80rpm to 135rpm, so it should be adjustable to play regular Pathe discs.

I don't feel good about shipping this due to the fragility of the brass horn, so I'd prefer that you pick up this machine. If you want it shipped you would need to pay for professional packing.

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