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Victor II Humpback for sale
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Beautiful Victor II Humpback - All Original for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The Victor II remains a favorite of record collectors and people looking for one classic Victor for their home, offering Victor quality and a mainspring large enough to comfortably play through a single record.

This is the earlier, more desirable version of the Victor II, in the fancy case with corner columns and the unique wooden "hump" in the rear, earning it the nickname of the Humpback II.

This example is a great, all-original machine, no reproduction parts, with very nice original finish still on the case. The nickel plating is quite nice, and the back bracket still shows good original decal.

The brass bell horn has no dents, and stunning original paint and decal.

In short, this is as nice a Victor II as I have ever seen; it doesn't get any better than this.

As an added bonus, the motor has been mechanically rebuilt: taken totally apart, 100 years of dirt and grease removed, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.

Here are but a few things we have done to the mechanical parts:
*Cleaned and polished the governor shaft, important for steady running.
*Polished the turntable shaft.
*Polished and lubricated the governor collar.
*Lubricated the turntable shaft bearing.
*Pulled and re-greased the mainspring, a big job, but important to keep the spring from sticking to itself as it unwinds.

In addition, the reproducer has been rebuilt for maximum sound, and a new rubber flange installed for airtightness.

Compare to $2500 on ebay for a machine in lesser condition.

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