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Edison Standard Phonograph  Morning Glory Horn
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Edison Standard Phonograph with Morning Glory Horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Introduced in late 1911, this is the Model E Standard, one of the last versions of Edison's famous Standard phonograph.

This is a really nice example, with exceptionally pristine pinstriping on the bedplate. The cabinet has been professionally refinished to a gorgeous honey color oak, and a quality reproduction decal applied.

I have also mechanically rebuilt this machine. This means that the gearing has been cleaned, inspected, lubricated and readjusted; the governor shaft and governor collar polished; and the old frozen mandrel bearing extracted and replaced.

I invite you to compare this machine with a pig-in-a-poke on a venue such as ebay, and here is one more reason why: when I reassembled this machine it was working, but would only play through around 2/3 of a record. This is because the mainspring on some late models like this requires extra strength to push through the gearing on the upperworks, and this mainspring was weak. I replaced the mainspring with a brand new one.

The black morning glory horn is in good condition and has real hand-painted (as opposed to decal) flowers. This horn was manufactured by the Tea Tray Company, which made many aftermarket horns for Edison machines. (A long time ago someone etched the horn with their initials. It's in an old fashioned script and isn't particularly noticeable.) The craning is an almost exact reproduction of the type Edison used.

At the time of this machine's introduction Edison had switched over to four minute records, so this machine always played only four minute records. These records are more available than the earlier two minute records, and held up better over the years.

I have equipped this Standard with a very strong Diamond B reproducer, which is the best type of reproducer for playing Edison's Blue Amberol 4 minute records.

Includes a bonus dozen genuine Blue Amberol cylinders.

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