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Edison Standard Phonograph - Model B - Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The Edison Standard Phonograph isn't rare, except in the sense that all cylinder machines of this era are rare, but it is a robust, reliable mechanism that makes an excellent starter machine. This is the Model B version of the Standard, dating ca. 1904-1909.

This machine has been mechanically restored, meaning that we have taken absolutely everything apart, inspected it, cleaned it, lubricated it, adjusted it, and put it all back together. It's important to do this not only because of wear and tear, but to discover sloppy repairs performed by previous owners. We have also installed a new mainspring on this machine.

The golden oak case has been nicely refinished, and a quality new decal applied and made to look old.

Don't be deceived by an Edison on ebay or some other venue that appears to be a bargain. We receive these machines all the time for repairs, and in the end you wind up paying for everything twice.

This Edison Standard is playing properly, and the Model C two minute reproducer is very strong. There is some typical background whirr from the gear train.

Price includes a 14" replica brass and black horn, and 5 nice cylinders.

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