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Edison Home Phonograph, Model B, restored for sale

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The Edison Home Phonograph was introduced in 1896 and continued with modifications until at least 1913. This version, the Model B Home, would date to ca. 1904-1909.

The Home's long and successful production run does not make into a rare phonograph, but does make it an excellent starter machine. It is easy to get parts for, and when properly restored is a reliable medium to play Edison cylinders.

I have found that the best way to get these machines running is to take them completely apart and put them back together. That gives me an opportunity to clean, lubricate and adjust everything.

This means that I do things like polish the governor shaft for smooth running, pull and regrease (or replace) the mainspring, free up the tensioner, and re-belt the machine. This takes time, and isn't something that an ebay seller is probably going to do for you, but it makes a difference, and my goal is to give you a machine as nice and reliable as when it left the Edison factory.

This Home model has also been nicely refinished and decorated with a high quality reproduction decal.There are four tiny holes in the back of the cabinet which have been filled in -- this is where a fitting for some kind of aftermarket crane once existed.

The machine is playing unbelievably nice and smooth. The original Edison reproducer is very strong, as you can hear in the mp3 file.

Price includes 14 inch brass and black replica horn, and five very nice original two minute records.

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