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Regina music box base cabinet - mahogany for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This original base cabinet is appropriate for Regina 15.5" music boxes, and for all other disc music boxes such as Polyphon, Symphonion or Mira taking a similar size disc. Dimensions are approximately 22" by 24" by 34" tall.

Very few music boxes, maybe one of a hundred were sold with a matching base cabinet. The usual practice was to place the music box on a heavy table and back it up against a wall, so as to yield maximum volume. Most people did not purchase a separate cabinet for record storage. This has made base cabinets as desirable and collectable as the machines themselves.

This double door mahogany base cabinet, which has been refinished, is a heavy and substantial cabinet, unlike the generic single door base cabinets usually found.

There is quite a bit of solid wood in the construction of this cabinet. Typically, the wood will shrink and pull apart with age, and this cabinet is no exception. We have done some restoration work on the cabinet, including re-glueing some of the panels -- there are some spots where the panels don't line up perfectly flush or the cabinet has pulled away from the trim molding and left a gap. This is an unavoidable result of age, but the cabinet is very respectable as you can see from the images, and now has the integrity to properly support your music box.

In addition, the cabinet retains its original dividers, which are usually missing.

Enhance and beautify your music box, and give your records a home.

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