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Regina music box style 240 (Lions' Heads)
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Style 240 Reginaphone (Lion Heads) for sale

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The Style 240 Reginaphone is one of the most beautiful, popular and collectable of all Regina models. The large case decorated with lions' heads was unique among music box designs, and remains as desirable today as it was one hundred years ago.

This was an internal horn Reginaphone, ie combination phonograph and music box. The lower storage cabinet was divided for 78rpm and metal records.

This machine employed Regina's late improved short bedplate design, marking the highest point of Regina musical development. Collectors today consider the short bedplate machines the best sounding of all Regina music boxes.

This Style 240 is in great condition, with a nice clean comb, excellent leading and no annoying damper noise. I don't have a complete history of the machine, but there's an indication that some restoration was performed on it at one time, as the bedplate has been repainted and the case looks as if it had been professionally oversprayed with lacquer.

The motor is running smoothly and the machine starts and stops as it should. It has the tone arm but I didn't receive a turntable with it (reproductions should be available) but most people are going to enjoy this where it excels as a music box rather than as something to play 78rpm records.

Case dimensions are approximate 48 inches tall, 22 inches wide.

Includes 16 original 15.5 inch records.

Something special.

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