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Victrola XVI with L shaped doors for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
Introduced in 1909 at a cost of $200, this early Victrola XVI retains the L shaped doors of the earliest Victrolas. Don't confuse this model with more common later Victrolas, or even the later version of the Victrola XVI -- this machine is quite a bit scarcer and more collectable.

The motor has been adjusted to run properly, and the reproducer has been rebuilt to give original fidelity. Prove it to yourself by listening to the mp3 file below.

The mahogany case retains its original finish. Condition of the case is not mint, but is good. There is some typical weathering on the lid (a favorite spot for a flower pot), and some evidence of a spill down the top of the lid and right side of the case. With a little cleaning, polishing and judicious restaining the case could be made very, very respectable. The rear door, which was discontinued in later Victrola models, is as usual missing its knob.

Here's your chance to purchase something unusual in a Victrola, at a still modest price.

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