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Victrola XVI - L Door - Golden Oak for sale

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The earliest, most collectable Victrolas can be distinguished by the shape of their doors. Unlike later models which used plain rectangular doors, these early machines were fitted with L-shaped lower doors which surrounded the speaker doors. This L-Door Victrola XVI, Victor's premium machine, was introduced in 1909. Being a top-of-the-line machine a mahogany case was standard. Mahogany was always associated with upper class homes. The exceptional thing about this example today is that it is not mahogany: this machine is constructed in the rarely seen golden oak.

The motor on this example works fine, and I have rebuilt the reproducer for original fidelity. The gold plating is quite nice. There is some typical alligatoring, more pronounced on the sides of the case, and the original finish has been cleaned and polished out. There is a not atypical gap between where the lower doors close due to normal age related drying and such of the case -- it looks as if someone tried to reglue the case at one time. The doors close freely and properly. Minor note: no knob on the rear door, as usual.

An unusual example of a collectable early Victrola, particularly suited to a household furnished in golden oak, but there's no law against putting it in any household, particularly yours.

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