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Victor II (Humpback) for sale

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The Victor II is a popular choice among record collectors who are looking for an acoustical machine to play their records exactly as intended to be heard after the turn of the century.

It offers Victor build quality, Victor fidelity, and is reasonably priced in comparison to other machines in the Victor family. The motor will comfortably play through a single record, unlike an entry level machine such as a Victor I.

This is the earlier, more desirable, ornate version of the Victor II with decorative wooden pillars. Because of the wooden hump in the rear to extend the tone arm, collectors often refer to it as the "Humpback Two". With a serial number in the 29,000 series it most likely dates to 1904-1909.

The reproducer on this machine has been rebuilt for authentic fidelity, and a new flange fitted to it for airtightness. I have gone through the motor, polished the governor shaft, and pulled and re-greased the mainspring. Everything is working the way it should.

This is an all original machine, not a machine filled up with reproduction parts. The case has very decent original golden oak finish; the horn, 19" long with a 13.5" bell, has original paint and decal. There is only the very slightest hint of creasing/dimpling -- the horn is much, much better than average.

If you don't own any 78rpm records we'd be happy to include some for only the cost of Media Mail.

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