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Harmony Talking Machine - Front Mount
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Harmony Talking Machine - Front Mount for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This front mount Harmony Talking Machine was introduced ca 1907, another offering from the Great Northern Manufacturing Company, which was also responsible for the Standard Talking Machines.

Most of the Harmony machines used Columbia components, but a few like this one were fitted with Hawthorne and Sheble motors and mechanisms, making this machine almost a twin of the Hawthorne and Sheble Busy Bee disc machines.

Unlike most Harmony machines, which required special records because of an oversize center spindle, this machine will play regular 78rpm records.

This machine has not been restored, but is in working condition.

The original paint blue horn is typically faded, particularly on the outside, and has some mild creasing.

The reproducer, which is marked Harmony, is not original to this model but is from a later Harmony machine, and has been adapted to fit this horn.

The crank we received with this Harmony is old and functional. It's a bit too long vis-a-vis the height of the machine, and so would have to sit over the edge of a table or be removed after winding. As the design of this type of motor causes the crank to rotate backwards as the machine unwinds, you would probably want to disengage it from the crank shaft regardless.

Modestly priced.

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