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Edison Home Phonograph, green oak, with floor crane for sale

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This Edison Home Phonograph would date between 1901-1904. Technically, it's the second version of the Model A machinery, the so-called New Style of 1901, with green oak case and banner decal.

It's been mated with a 30" long solid brass horn and an original floor crane. This is the type of arrangement, the type of horn and craning, that would have been authentic in 1901. Petal horns, including hand-painted flowers, came later. The floor craning is really the best way to support a horn such as this, but you don't find much of it: very few survived.

This is an attractive machine with original banner decal. The green oak finish is somewhat typically weathered and age darkened. The bedplate has very decent original paint and pinstriping. The horn has been worked on and de-dented to a large extent; it isn't all bashed in the way you normally find these.

I invite you to compare this machine to anything offered on a venue such as ebay. The machine isn't being sold as is, or as something that appears to work. It works right. Mechanically and acoustically I have spent hours and hours rebuilding the machine. This means taking everything apart, cleaning, inspecting, oiling, adjusting, re-belting. I even remove, clean and re-grease the mainspring, necessary to get rid of the old caked-up grease which causes the spring to stick to itself as it lets down.

I have also rebuilt the reproducer for maximum sound, including new gaskets and re-attaching the linkage to the mica diaphragm.

The machine is running properly and sounds good, as you can hear in the mp3 file. There is some typical motor noise from these early machines, which is not discernible under the record.

Set this anywhere in your house and transport yourself back to 1901. Includes 5 nice two minute cylinders.

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