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Columbia Grafonola Deluxe
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Columbia Grafonola Deluxe (Reginaphone Lion Heads) for sale


Introduced in 1909, Columbia's expensive Grafonola Deluxe featured a handsome upright cabinet decorated with lion heads columns. This machine was available in two versions: as a straight 78rpm phonograph, and for $25 extra as a combination phonograph and disc music box, as in the example here. An almost identical version was also sold as a Style 240 Reginaphone.

The Grafonola Deluxe differed from its Reginaphone sibling in only minor ways. The Regina data plate was replaced with a data plate from the American Graphophone Company, and a greater part of the storage at the base of the cabinet was devoted to shellac records rather than metal discs.

A 15.5 inch double comb Regina short bedplate movement was fitted to the machine. This late development is considered the best sounding, most acoustically advanced of all Regina movements.

The combs and leads on this example are in very nice condition, very clean, no corrosion or oxidation, no broken teeth. There is no annoying damper squeak. I had pulled the combs and cleaned them gently, and cleaned the star wheel gantry and damper rails to remove over 100 years of dirt and dust.

I have also replaced the old mainspring on this machine with a brand new mainspring, a big job.

The phonograph portion is complete and working properly. The special turntables for these machines are almost always missing, so I am including a reproduction turntable so that you can play 78rpm records if you so desire.

Cosmetically the cabinet has been professionally refinished back to a handsome mahogany.

The motor is working properly, and this machine really rings out with the typical spectacular short bedplate sound.

Twenty discs are included with this machine. Fifteen and a half inch Regina discs are the easiest metal records to find, and reproductions have long been available.

This model is relatively scarce, and has always been highly desired by collectors. I don't know how many were manufactured, but the Bowers Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments indicates that only around 350 serial numbers were allocated to the Style 240 Reginaphone.

At the date of introduction of this machine, music box sales were drastically shrinking. The musical box was always considered the equivalent of a fine musical instrument, but it couldn't compete with the wonder of the phonograph, which could reproduce the human voice. You can hear this machine playing both ways on the youtube video below. Over one hundred years later, you can still get the best of both worlds.

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