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Edison Home Phonograph, Red Banner Suitcase for sale

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This is the earliest style of Edison Home Phonograph, manufactured from 1896-1901. Collectors sometimes refer to it as the "Suitcase Home" because of the four clips that secured the lid. Technically, it's the first version of the Model A machinery -- the later Model A dropped the suitcase type case. Because of the serial number in the 20,000 series I'd guess that this particular example dates closer to 1900.

The intriguing red and gold scroll banner decal is found only on this early machinery. It must have been seen as too ostentatious at the turn of the century and was replaced with a more utilitarian Edison decal. However modern buyers have fallen in love again with its funky exuberance, and a nice banner Home like this now commands a premium.

I've spent quite a bit of time on this Home model going through it mechanically and acoustically and trying to restore it to excellent playing condition. In fact, I have taken everything apart, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and adjusted it-- and then put it back together.

This means that among other things I've polished the governor shaft for smooth running, cleaned up the bushings, and even removed, cleaned and re-greased the mainspring, which is a major job. At some point this machine was retrofitted with the superior self-centering early Model C reproducer, as happened to most machines around 1902. I have also rebuilt this reproducer so that it sounds as Mr. Edison intended.

Cosmetically the case is very decent with typical age darkening and just one or two minute nicks on the base molding. The original red banner decal is better than average.

The machine is playing smoothly and properly, and sounds excellent, as you can hear in the mp3 file.

Price includes a 14" replica horn and five nice 2 minute records.

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