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Edison Fireside Phonograph with maroon baby morning glory horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Introduced in 1909 as a replacement for the Edison Standard, the Fireside represented a new,reliable and compact design using the tried and true Standard motor. (In fact, the Standard was never dropped and the two models existed side by side for several years).

This version, the Model A Fireside, was equipped with combination two and four minute gearing in order to play the new Amberol records which had been placed on the market around this time. For modern collectors this represents a bonus, a little like getting two machines for the price of one. Fireside models are considerably scarcer than Edison Standards.

The two piece red baby morning glory horn was original equipment with this model. This horn is around 19" long with a 11.5" bell, and when mounted on the Fireside makes the machine look just as cute as can be, as well as yielding excellent fidelity. The size of the horn, and the smallish dimensions of the Fireside cabinet, make the Fireside an excellent choice for modern homes or smaller apartments where space is limited.

This Fireside has been mechanically rebuilt. I like to pull the machines totally apart and put them back together. In many, but not all instances, you may be surprised at what you find. In this machine we discovered that the three screws holding the gear cage had been removed and never replaced. This means that at some point the gear cage would separate, letting down the mainspring and likely stripping the gearing.

We also clean and polish the governor for smooth running, pull and re-grease the mainspring, clean, lubricate and readjust the upperworks, and re-belt the machine.

Our machines are competitively priced with phonographs on a venue such as ebay. We invite you to inquire of an ebay seller whether he has performed such type of restoration on his machine.

This Fireside has been nicely refinished with a new decal made to look antique. If you look at the images you may see a depression on the molding surrounding the motorboard. This was caused by an aftermarket crane that would have been on the machine at one time to support a larger horn. I have seen other Firesides with this kind of arrangement.

The red baby morning glory horn is in very good condition. Ninety nine percent of these horns have the paint all weathered and faded -- it's unusual to find a red horn this clean. There are some minor scratches, and some small areas of corrosion on the outside of the horn. The craning is a reproduction of the special mini-crane that supported this horn.

Price includes a very strong two minute Model C reproducer and five nice two minute records. Pick up a 4 minute reproducer if you choose and you're set for anything Mr. Edison may throw at you.

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