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Edison Fireside Phonograph - Plays 2 and 4 minute records for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Introduced in 1909, the Edison Fireside Phonograph shared some components with the Edison Standard, but is a little scarcer and more collectible. It's a compact and reliable mechanism, and a good choice if you're looking for one cylinder phonograph to display in your home.

The Model A Fireside shown here is a combination machine, with gearing capable of playing both 2 and 4 minute records, so in some respect it's a little like purchasing two machines for the price of one. The Model K reproducer on this machine has a swivel arrangement that rotates between 2 and 4 minute styli. The first part of the mp3 recording here is a 2 minute cylinder; after the pause you can hear a 4 minute cylinder playing.

I have totally disassembled the motor and upperworks on this machine, cleaned, inspected lubricated and adjusted everything. I polished a balky governor shaft, and pulled and re-greased the mainspring, a big job, but important to keep the spring from sticking to itself.

The case has very nice original golden oak finish, and the bedplate has very good original paint and decal work.

The special red baby morning glory horn that comes with this machine is approximately 19" long with a 12" bell. It is marked Fireside, and shows typical fading and weathering, as do around 90 per cent of surviving examples of this horn.

This machine now runs as nice and smooth as can be. Price includes a half dozen cylinder records.

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