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Edison Model A Fireside with Cygnet horn
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Edison Fireside Phonograph, Cygnet horn, H reproducer for sale


Introduced in 1909, this is the first (Model A) version of Edison's Fireside Phonograph.

The Fireside's compact and reliable mechanism, partially based on the Edison Standard, make it an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate collectors, as well as for anyone who wants just one nice representative phonograph to play Edison cylinders.

The Model A Fireside was equipped with combination gearing to play both Edison's old two minute records, and the new four minute records.

The scarce Cygnet horn here, which first appeared in 1910, is the most acoustically faithful horn Edison ever produced, with the possible exception of the airtight assembly on the very late Edison Opera. It is a very desirable horn, and commands a premium.

This example sits in a nicely refinished golden oak case with a quality reproduction decal. The decal work and pinstriping on the bedplate are very nice. The machine comes with an original lid, which for some inexplicable reason often disappears from Fireside models. One prong of one lid clip is broken, not a serious detriment.

The Cygnet horn is original paint, original decal with some typical modest weathering. Many of these horns are found highly rusted and/or repainted, so a horn in this condition is a real bonus. Some light scratches on the inside of the horn have been touched up, and the inside polished. One piece of the two piece crane is a reproduction. The Cygnet back bracket is original.

Mechanically, the machine is running as nice and smooth as you can imagine. We have re-belted the motor, repacked the mainspring, and all that other good stuff.

This machine comes with a very strong, original Model H 4 minute reproducer. It will play the Blue Amberol cylinders, which is the easiest type of Edison record to find. If you want to play 2 minute cylinders, at some point you can add a 2 minute Model C reproducer.

You can hear a demonstration of the Fireside by clicking on the mp3 link, or you can and see and hear it play on the youtube video below.

Price includes a bonus dozen Edison Blue Amberol records to get you going.

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