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Fifteen and three quarter inch Criterion music box discs for sale

$35 each
Although F.G.Otto's Criterion and Olympia music boxes would have been among the top three domestic sellers, and although a reasonable number of Criterion music boxes have survived, the discs for these machines have always been surprisingly difficult to find. This is probably because Criterion seems to have pressed their discs out of zinc longer than some other companies, and the extreme malleability of the zinc discs led to damaged or broken records. Below is a list of titles for the 15 3/4 inch Criterion -- there is a little typical oxidation on the surface of some of the discs, but all records are in decent playable condition. These discs will also play on the 15 3/4 inch Olympia, providing that you adapt a center spindle for your machine.

I'd Leave My Happy Home for You
Freischutz Hunter's Chorus
?Mett's Lullaby
The Church Across the Way
Home Sweet Home
The Church Across the Way (duplicate title)
Jesus Lover of My Soul
? ? Went Down With the Maine

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