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Symphonion music box discs

15 3/4 inch - 14 3/4 inch Symphonion music box discs for sale

$150 for the lot

A box lot of hard-to-find metal records for the Imperial Symphonion music box, which was the American branch of the Symphonion music box company. These appear to be universal discs, which have both holes on the rim for a sprocket drive, and extra holes near the center spindle for a center spindle drive. This indicates that these discs should work on both the 15 3/4" Imperial Symphonion, and the 14 3/4" Imperial Symphonion.

The discs are all in good, clean condition.

Sold as a lot only.

List of titles

Beyond the Gates of Paradise
Coon, Coon,Coon
When Woman Loves Waltz
Blue Danube Waltz

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