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Eleven Inch Regina in carved Rookwood case for sale

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Every once in a while we are privileged to own something extraordinary and special, such as this 11" double comb Regina.

It is housed in an ornate Style 19 carved rococo case, which is a beautiful and desirable case in and of itself, but this Style 19 has something a magnitude greater than any little Regina I have ever seen: an original gilded finish with hand-painted Rookwood type scenery and decoration. The case is fabulously polychromed with gold and turquoise, and the two side panels are artist painted. There are tiny hand painted flowers running down the corners of the case. Everything about this box leads to the conclusion that it is right and original, down to the gold color of the motorboard slats.

This variation isn't listed in the comprehensive, authoritative Bowers Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, and I have never seen it before. which makes me believe that it must have been a special order. (All other Rookwood finishes I have seen have been on large console or upright machines.)

The combs, leads and dampers are in good clean condition, and the motor is working properly. There is some weathering of the gilding, primarily on the underside of the lid, but also a little along the edges and bottom of the case. This could be touched in by a competent artist, if such is your desire.

As a bonus, this machine comes with twenty original 11" Regina discs.

Museum quality is a phrase often bandied about by unknowledgeable sellers, but it's fair to employ it with this Regina. Museum Piece.

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