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Eight and one quarter inch (21cm) Symphonion music box discs for sale

$185 for the lot
Symphonion made more sizes and varieties of records than anyone in the music box industry. Why? Nobody knows, but one theory holds that they kept an eye to the future, in order to befuddle modern collectors. In any event, Symphonion discs are readily available in only 10 5/8" and 11 7/8" sizes, and all other sizes, small and large, can present a challenge if you didn't receive metal records with your machine.

These discs measure 8 1/4" (21cm) in diameter. They not mint but are all in good playable condition. There may some mild cleanable surface corrosion, or some discs may have been cleaned and brushed, but all should play more than acceptably. Symphonion used a smaller projection than most other manufacturers, so it's not unusual to see broken or bent projections on Symphonion discs, but as far as I can tell the projections look clean and within the normal range. More important, the drive holes are not chewed up, as you usually find on small, center spindle drive discs like this.

Here's the list of titles (sold as a lot only):

The Blue, White and Red
Title not readable
Rumanisches Lied
The Blood of the Lamb
Cavalleria Rusticana
God Save the Queen
The Sweet Story Olden Song
Polka from Carmen
Title Unreadable, appears to be disc no. 380
I'll Give Him Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay

Sold as a lot only.

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