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Edison Army-Navy machine
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Edison Army-Navy Diamond Disc for sale


Introduced in 1917, this very scarce machine (note the low serial number) was intended to accompany the troops in World War I.

The machine was soundly constructed out of tried and true Edison components, and while only 24 inches tall, it was not truly portable, weighing almost as much as a small cannon.

The front panel drops down and out to reveal the Edison grille. The panel is locked in place when the lid is secured.

This example has been nicely repainted. Frow's book on the Edison disc machines, usually but not always authoritative, notes that the Army-Navy machine takes a single spring motor. This example employs a double spring motor. As many Edison models shared components, the only difference being in the cabinet work, it is possible that elements of the bedplate or motor were swapped after 1917.

I have freed up the governor on this machine so that it is playing nicely. The reproducer is very strong.

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