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Edison Standard phonograph with red sunburst morning glory horn
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Edison Standard Phonograph - 2-4 minute- Morning Glory Horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This Model B Standard with a beautiful red morning glory horn has been retrofitted with the 2 minute - 4 minute conversion kit sold beginning 1908, meaning that it has the gearing capable of playing both 2 and 4 minute cylinders.

It has also been mechanically rebuilt and restored.

I have found it a wise policy to take these machines totally apart, inspect, adjust, clean, lubricate and put them back together, and this is one difference you may discover between our machines and a machine on a venue such as ebay. You don't find the same problems on every machine, but at the very least over 100 years of grease and dirt need to be removed.

On this machine, for example, I found that the number one gear in the gear train was 90 per cent stripped out. The motor worked, and would probably work for a while until the gear totally gave out, probably taking the mainspring with it. I also discovered that the spring barrel was not greased, possibly because a new mainspring had been installed a long time ago. The spring needs to be greased to keep it from sticking to itself as it unwinds. And one gear in the 2-4 conversion was moderately worn, making it a little noisy on the 2 minute setting, so I replaced the gear.

The mechanism is now running smoothly and properly, both on the 2 minute and the 4 minute setting.

The morning glory horn, which most collectors would call a red sunburst, is approximately 31 inches long with a 22.5 inch bell. It's an aftermarket horn, as almost all these type of horns were -- Edison only every issued one machine (the Model E Standard) with a morning glory horn of this type as factory equipment. The paint is in very decent condition. There is more weathering and corrosion on the outside of the horn than the inside, as you almost always find.

The craning is mostly reproduction in the style of original Edison morning glory craning. A foot which slips into a slot under the case keeps the machine from tipping forward due to the weight of the horn.

The case is nice, original, age darkened oak finish with original decal. There is some very slight, typical minor veneer chip at the edge of the lid.

How does the two-four conversion work? You pop on a reproducer with the appropriate stylus, typically Model C for 2 minute records or Model H for 4 minute records. Then there's a knob to the side of the mandrel that you simply slide left or right (pull out for 4M, push in for 2M).

I am including a rebuilt Model H 4 minute reproducer with a brand new sapphire stylus. I am also including a dozen 4 minute Blue Amberol celluloid records. These records, manufactured until 1929, are the most plentiful type of surviving cylinder and will be the easiest record for you to find.

If at some point you want to play two minute records, just add a Model C reproducer and you will be set for almost anything Edison might throw at you.

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