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Edison Standard Phonograph, Green Oak
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Edison Standard - Banner - Restored for sale


You'll like this Edison Standard in the ever-popular green oak finish with gold banner decal, a nice original example of the New Style case of 1901.

Not only does the case have very good finish, but even more important, the mechanism has been restored. Our idea of restoration is a world different from a seller you might encounter on a venue such as ebay. We don't polish the case and oil the obvious points of friction. We take everything totally part, clean, inspect. lubricate, adjust and put it back together.

This means that among other things we polish the governor, clean the feed screw, pull and re-grease the mainspring (a big job, but important), and re-belt the machine.

You usually find something questionable on every machine after 100 years of wear, although not always the same thing. On this Standard, for example, we discovered an intermediate gear in the upperworks that was making a grinding sound and slowing the machine down. It was replaced. If you had bought this machine at, say, an internet auction the seller could have affirmed that the machine ran, which it did. It just didn't run right.

The motor is now running smoothly and properly. (There is a characteristic whir, not discernable beneath the record.)

We also disassembled and rebuild the reproducer for faithful sound.

As a bonus, this machine includes an original 14" brass and black horn. Even though this type of horn was factory equipment on many Edison models it turns out to be surprisingly scarce. It appears that large horns were infrequently thrown away, but small horns disappeared, most likely sent to the kitchen or garage where they substituted as funnels, and were then discarded. This horn shows some distress, but is in acceptable condition.

The Standard is a great starter machine, very reliable, and easy to get parts for. The green oak finish and colorful banner make it as adorable as can be.

Includes five original cylinder records.

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