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Edison Home with Morning Glory Horn - Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This all-original Edison Home Phonograph has it all.

*A gorgeous morning glory horn with hand-painted flowers.

*Honey oak cabinet with gold banner decal.

*Ability to play both two and four minute cylinders.

And it's been mechanically and acoustically restored!

This machine dates ca 1905-1909. Like most outside horn Edisons it played a record that lasted for two minutes, because at that time, almost every record played for only two minutes. In late 1909, Edison introduced an improved cylinder that played for four minutes, but this cylinder wasn't compatible with earlier machines because of the number of grooves per inch and the cut of the stylus.

However, a conversion kit was offered to retrofit older Edison models to be able to play both two and four minute cylinders, and that conversion is what is found on the Home model here. So in some ways, for modern collectors, it's a little like getting two machines for the price of one.

I have taken the motor and upperworks of this machine totally apart and put it back together, replacing any questionable parts, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting. On this machine, for example, I discovered some defects in the spring barrel.

The governor has been polished for smooth running, governor weights checked for integrity, governor collar oiled.

The mainspring was pulled and re-greased, a big job, but necessary to prevent the spring from sticking to itself as it unwinds.

The two minute-four minute mechanism was disassembled and cleaned; this design introduces extra friction in the gear train, and these machines don't work right with 100 years of dirt caked in them.

Cosmetically, the case has very nice original finish with original colorful banner decal.

The black horn --approximately 23" long with an 18 1/2" bell--features exceptionally nice original paint. Horns with hand-painted flowers are hard to find. Despite what the motion picture industry would lead you to believe, most machines didn't come this way, and almost all of this type of horn were aftermarket, not factory purchases.

One of the nice little touches on this machine is the craning that holds the horn. Original craning rarely survived; most of what you will see is reproduction. But this horn is supported by an original crane, just as nice as can be.

Even though a machine has two-four minute combination gearing, it will still require an appropriate reproducer for each speed, as the cut of the stylus will be different, (Technically, this is because Edison went from 100 groves/inch to 200 grooves/inch.) And here is another way in which this Home model excels, it includes two reproducers: a rebuilt Model C reproducer for two minute records, and a rebuilt Model H reproducer for four minute records. You can hear both reproducers playing on the mp3 linked to on this page: the first selection is a two minute cylinder, the selection after the pause is a four minute cylinder. Why rebuild the reproducers? If for no other reason than that there is old gasketing which dries up and degrades the sound.

Price includes a dozen records to get you started. Why not have it all?

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