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Edison Fireside Phonograph with Cygnet horn
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Edison Fireside with Cygnet Horn for sale


The Edison Fireside Phonograph was introduced in 1909. A compact and reliable mechanism using mostly tried and true Edison components, it was originally intended as a replacement for the Edison Standard, but competed with the Standard for sales as the Standard remained in production until 1913 at the demise of the outside horn machine era.

The example shown here is the Model A Fireside, the first of only two Fireside models. The Model A Fireside was equipped with combination gearing to play both two minute records, and the new four minute cylinders.

The very desirable cygnet horn on this machine would date to 1910 or later. Besides saving space, this horn offered the most advanced, faithful acoustic reproduction of its time.

The machine has been cosmetically and mechanically restored. The cabinet has been brought back to a glorious golden oak finish, with a new decal.

The motor and upperworks have been taken apart, cleaned, inspected and adjusted. The governor has been polished for responsive running. The mainspring has been pulled and re-greased, a big but necessary job. The machine has been re-belted with our special pigskin belting, the best belting we have ever been able to find.

All this represents more work than you might find on a machine sold on a venue such as ebay, but it's important to go through the machine. On this Fireside, for example, we found that the mainspring was dry. Also, there are two gears in the Fireside motor that commonly wear in tandem, and if they are stripping out they will take the mainspring down with them, so this is another example of why it's a good idea to clean and inspect the motor.

The bedplate and decal work are very clean on this Fireside, as you can see in the pictures. The crane looks to me like an older reproduction; I purchased the special adjusting screw, often missing, to control the height of the horn.

I rebuilt the Model C two minute reproducer for maximum fidelity.

This Edison Fireside is now running as nice and smooth as can be. Add a four minute reproducer if you want, and you'll be set for almost any kind of cylinder record you might encounter. Price includes five original cylinders.

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