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Edison Amberola 30
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Edison Model Amberola 30 - Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The model Amberola 30 was introduced by Edison in 1915, the 30 referring to its original price in dollars. While not rare, its compact and robust design, and excellent sound quality, make it a good choice for someone looking for a reliable device to play Edison's four minute Blue Amberol records.

The motor and upperworks on this machine have been totally taken apart and put back together, cleaned, inspected, oiled and adjusted. The mainspring has been pulled and re-greased, a big job, but necessary for smooth and true running.

Unfortunately the oak veneer on these machines did not hold up well, and perhaps 95 per cent are found with veneer peel. That's why I replaced the veneer on this machine and refinished it, because you want the machine to look as nice as it sounds. The top and front grills, often missing, are reproduction replacements.

This machine has a very strong reproducer with an excellent diamond stylus, and the reproducer has been adjusted to take up the eccentricity caused by warpage of the celluloid records over the years. Be wary of purchasing a machine with this type of reproducer unless you can hear it well or in person. Even a slight chip on the diamond can cause an echo in the stylus which may not be apparent to an uneducated seller, and though you may not hear it at first, I guarantee that you will hear it after several playings, and it will drive you crazy.

Price includes 10 original Edison records.

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